GMA’s State of Mental Illness

“Suffering from paranoia and illusions of grandeur, the Medical Action Group recommends President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s immediate resignation and continuous bed rest.” Edeliza Hernandez, Executive Director of Medical Action Group said.

The Medical Action Group, Inc. (MAG) declared its diagnosis of Pres. Arroyo’s state of mental health, claiming that aside from GMA’s poor health condition, She is apparently suffering from mental instability which renders her unfit and incapable of continuing the duty of running the nation.

MAG’s findings are based on the following symptoms evidently present in GMA’s actions: GMA’s consistent declaration of herself as the legitimate president of the country in spite of the persisting Hello Garci Tape controversy; her constant assurance of respecting human rights while simultaneously eliminating her political enemies and detractors; GMA’s incessant illusions of persecution from her alleged enemies of the state to the extent of branding prominent individuals of insurgency and rebellion; and her claims of leading the Filipino people out of the poverty in which she herself has instigated.

Hernadez added, “It is time for GMA to address the issue of her mental health, such symptoms are severe and must be immediately attended for proper medical attention. For the meantime, we advise her to refrain from making decisions and judgements involving the nation’s economy and welfare.”

Medical Action Group, Inc. (MAG) is a non-government health organization composed of medical professionals advocating for the advancement of health and human rights in the nation.