MAG Medical Disaster Response Update

Our team since November 15 has been living and taking shelter at the Divine Word Hospital in Tacloban. Through a small boat (P13,000 rent), our team (Amy Abcede, Mercidita De Joya, Andres Magalong and Bert Cacayan (from TDH Germany) was able to visit 3 island/islets of Guiuan, Eastern Samar namely Tubabao, Manicani and Victory. They were also able to coordinate with Dr. Egargo of DOH Borongan who is a resident of Guiuan.

Manicani – So far, 2 of 4 barangays have been visited (Humarawon and Buenavista); 1 casualty, all houses were notably destroyed. We have also facilitated 600 relief packs from the Department of Social Welfare and Development, 100 were delivered due to transport limitation. 500 are still contained at Divine Word Hospital. The team is set to visit San Jose and Banaag later. WE NEED 2 DOCTORS FOR MEDICAL RESPONSE for 4 DAYS plus 2-day travel.

Victory – We have visited 155 households (HH) with 200 adults and 200 children. WE NEED 1 DOCTOR and MAG Staff FOR MEDICAL RESPONSE 4 DAYS plus 2-day travel.

Tubabao – We have visited 5 barangays: (1) Trinidad – 250 HH; (2) San Perdo – 139 HH; (3) Camparang – 122 HH; (4) San Juan – 111 HH and (5) San Antonio – 70 HH. WE NEED 3 DOCTORS FOR MEDICAL RESPONSE 4 DAYS plus 2-day travel.