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MAG envisions a society where fundamental human rights are upheld and protected at all times in accordance with the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights



January 13, 2016

(PHILIPPINES) Frustrated Murder of Human Rights Defender

ISSUES: Assertion to right to land of indigenous people


Dear friends,

The Task Force Detainees of the Philippines (TFDP) is forwarding to you an appeal regarding the frustrated killing of an agrarian reform beneficiary.

If you wish to make any inquiries please contact the Research, Documentation and Information Program of TFDP, kindly send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Title:                          Ampudi Frustrated Killing
Case:                         Frustrated Killing
Victim:                       Nestorio Sulatan Ampudi, 37 years old
Date of Incident:         January 9, 2016; 11:30 A.M. 
Place of Incident:        P-8, Barangay Calao Calao, Don Carlos, Bukidnon
Perpetrators:              Jun Jun Lirasan, security guard of Levelita Balarote Zambrano
Motive:                      in relation to assertion of right to land; violation of rights to life and security of person

The Medical Action Group, Inc., a health and human rights organization founded in 1982, continuously works to empower vulnerable sectors of society and victims of human rights violations by increasing their capacities to claim for their rights particularly their right to health. 

MAG has a three-year project funded by Misereor International to be implemented in three areas in the Philippines namely NCR, Iligan and Bacolod for the period of 2016 to 2019. The project aims at strengthening the capacity of civil society organizations and marginalized groups to constructively engage in inclusive social health protection policy making and implementation of accountable programs at the local level.

In line with this project, MAG invites highly competent, experienced and committed individuals to fill in the following positions:

Local Focal Person

· Two persons for Iligan

· Two person for Bacolod

· One person for the National Capitol Region

Press release

November 11, 2015

Medical doctors presses for right to rehabilitation of victims of torture

Around eighty (80) medical doctors across the country gathered today in the Scientific Conference on the Management and Rehabilitation of Torture Victims on November 11-12, 2015 at the Ciudad Christia Resort, in San Mateo, Rizal.

The conference also entitled, Mainstreaming Human Rights in Health Care, is being organized by the Medical Action Group (MAG) and the Department of Health (DOH). This will highlight current initiatives being implemented in the Philippines to promote right to rehabilitation of torture victims (survivors).

Attending the conference are city and municipal health officers who has an essential role in preventing torture by effective medical documentation of torture cases and they are among the first persons to come into contact with a torture victim or survivor after alleged torture incident.

“There is a need to raise awareness and level of knowledge of doctors in government service on Republic Act No. 9745 otherwise known as the Anti-Torture Law The law details what constitute torture and ill treatment, the doctors’ legal obligations specifically the documentation and medical reporting of alleged victims of torture or ill treatment, and the mechanics of effective referral among agencies concerned in the daunting task of holistic rehabilitation,” said Dr. Criselda G. Abesamis, Director IV, DOH Health Facility Development Bureau.

DKA Austria #Orthman 

(video) campaign ÖRTHMAN on COP21 in Paris. It is part of the international campaign “Change for the Planet – Care for the People” of the international alliance of Catholic development agencies CIDSE:
The story:

We have invented an Austrian super hero: ÖRTHMAN (Earthman – the spelling follows the German pronunciation; “Ö” also connotes “Österreich”/Austria and “Ökologie”/Ecology) has saved the planet from doom by fighting his evil counterparts with his super forces all his life. And now? The life on earth is again threatened but it’s not so easy anymore to identify the evildoers. Millions of people are contributing are to the destruction of the planet but not following an evil plan but simply by their consumerist lifestyle. ÖRTHMAN has realised that this time he won’t be able to save the world as a lone hero with “boom – kraboom!” but he will need the “crowd”. He has to build alliances with people all over the world who don’t want to see the world facing ruin. He is looking for other “ordinary super heros” like you and me who join the movement to save the world.

As it is a campaign that focuses on young people it is mainly in German language but it has English subtitles for the videos.

You can watch the first one here:



Theme: “Mainstreaming Human Rights in Public Health”

A violation of one’s right demands for a remedy.

Torture is one of the gravest forms of human rights violation. . It is a deliberate act of cruelty by inflicting severe physical and emotional sufferings against any persons.

The right to torture rehabilitation is an integral part of the right to reparation. This recognizes that emotional trauma is much worse than physical injury. Torture victims desperately need help to mend their shattered bodies and mind from their traumatic experiences .It is said that once tortured is tortured for life.

In order to consolidate existing efforts to address torture and its ill-effects, the Health Facilities Development Bureau of the Department of Health (DoH) in partnership with the Medical Action Group will hold a Scientific Conference on Torture Rehabilitation on November 11 & 12, 2015 at Ciudad Christhia, San Mateo, Rizal, Philippines.

A. The Scientific Conference on Torture Rehabilitation

The Conference will bring together key stakeholders from the health sector in public and private to share knowledge and experiences in addressing torture and for the effective delivery of rehabilitation services.