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MAG envisions a society where fundamental human rights are upheld and protected at all times in accordance with the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights


Dear  Friends  and  Colleagues,

Please  find  below  a copy  of  the  eHealthPH  newsletter  which  includes  community  appeals  from  LGUs  in  Typhoon Yolanda-affected  areas. The  appeals  are  also  posted  at  the  eHealth.Ph  website. . eHealth.PH  is  a  project  of  the  Institute  of  Philippine  Culture,  Ateneo  De  Manila  University  and  the  Philippine  Council  for  Health  Research  and  Development,  Department  of  Science  and  Technology.

I  would  like  to  highlight  the  community  appeals  part  of  the  eHealthPH  newsletter.  We  expect  to receive  more  appeals  and  will  use  the  eHealthPH  newsletter  to  amplify  such  appeals.  You  can  post  your  suggestions  or  response  to  the  appeals  at,  email  or  call  us  at  IPC ADMU  or  direct  responses  to  LGU  appeals  to  the League  of  Municipalities  of  the  Philippines (LMP)2nd Flr. LMP Bldg,  265 Ermin Garcia St.,Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines. Tel / Fax Nos: (+63 2) 913 5737 to 38.

Thank  you     and  we  hope  that  our collective  efforts  continue  to  alleviate  the  suffering  now  being experienced  by  our  kababayan  in  the  Visayas .

Dennis B. Batangan,M.D.,M.Sc.(CHDC)
Research  Associate
Institute  of  Philippine Culture
School  of  Social  Sciences
Ateneo  De  Manila  University
Loyola Heights, Quezon City, Philippines
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The Medical Action Group would like to express its heartfelt gratitude to all MAG members, partners and friends who have extended and pledged their support to the victims of Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan). Please give us a moment to thank all of you:

Cash Donations:

1. Ms. Thelma H. Borromeo, MAG Member from Alberta, Canada
2. Mr. Joel Borromeo
3. Dr. Lito Ocampo, Consultant, De Los Santos Medical Center, MAG Member
4. Lingap-Kapwa, Oplan Dalita (LINGKOD) Inc. c/o Dr. Jo Pas
5. Mr. Ruben Guieb and Ms. Ofelia Yazon of the University of the Philippines Marine Biological Society
6. Dr. Kitsu Dacanay (MAG Member) and Family
7. Mr. Max de Mesa, Chairperson, Philippine Alliance of Human Rights Advocates
8. Dr. Elsie Castrence, Quezon City
9. Mr. Alfred Simbulan, Jr., Grace and Karen Pimentel Simbulan
10. Regina Walter, Vienna, Austria
11. Demmel Family, Vienna, Austria
12. Mr. Elmer Galman through LINGKOD
13. Burugkos, Inc. c/o Vice President and Mimay Baybay
14. Mr. Thomas and Ms. Rosa Walter, Vorarlberg, Austria
15. The Asia Foundation, through its Law and Human Rights Program (Country Representative Steve Rood, PhD, Atty. Carolyn Mercado, Monica Celine Caro)
16. Mr. Vincent and Angelita Le Clerc, France (sister of Thelma Borromeo)
17. Ms. Rosalie van Otten and family and friends from New Mexico, USA
18. Ms. Angela Scheiber's family and friends from Austria
19. Ms. Christine Walter and Robert Puskas from Vienna, Austria
20.Mr. and Mrs . Jay Azucena and Marina Wetzlmaier Family from Wels, Austria
21. Mr. Berndt Scheiber from Vienna, Austria

Medicines, Water, Food, Grocery Items, Clothing:

1. Ms. Farah Joshua Sevilla and Ms. Aline Sevilla
2. Dr. Jenny Madamba (MAG Member) and Sir Max de Mesa
3. Dr. Yvonne Entico, MAG Psychiatric Consultant, MAG Member
4. Dr. Faith Joan Mesa-gaerlan, Philippine College of Emergency Physicians
5. Dr. Arlene Santiago-Toreja (MAG Member) and Dr. Alvino Torreja, Dentists
6. Women's Crisis Center, Inc. (WCC)
7. Kapisanan ng mga Kamag-anak at Migranteng Manggagawang Pilipino, Inc. (KAKAMMPI)
8. Ms. Rose Trajano, PAHRA Secretary-General, MAG Member
9. Mr. Jerbert M. Briola, MAG Advocacy Officer
10. Dr. Ethel Ruth Olivar Dentist, Bureau of Fire Protection
11. Dr. Nymia Pimentel Simbulan, Executive Director, PhilRights, MAG Member
12. Professor Pete Aton, Trinity University of Asia
13. Dr. Lyde M. Alday-Magpantay, MAG Member
14. Dacanay Family, Quezon City
15. Mr. Lambert "Bebet" Meñez, Ms. Grace "Ghippy" Perez-Samaniego and Dr. Francisco Datar of the University of the Philippines Marine Biological Society
16. Joy Anne Icayan and Family
17. Dandy Semana, Trinity University of Asia
18. Leal Family of Parañaque
19. Emerald Bengzon (MAG Member) and family
20. National Center for Mental Health (NCMH)
21. Catalina de Guzman
22. Vi R Ma Lazaro, MAG Member
23. L'Association Kaibigan-Bretagne, Kaibigan Bezons and Kaibigan émeraude c/o Claudie le Chanu and Dr. Bruno
24. UNILAB Philippines c/o Raymond Santiago
25. Laura Community (Jesus of Nazareth)
26. Dr. Malel Ponio

Medical Mission Volunteers:

1. Dr. Petronilo Lenin Pascual, General Surgeon, MAG member
2. Dr. Jaykee Rodriguez former DTTB of Mapanas, Northern Samar
3. Dr. Leah C. Faderon-Fajutagana, Pediatrician
4. Dr. Nerissa G. Sabarre, Emergency Physician
5. Ms. Lucia Ventic, Licensed TMC, Midwife, MAG Member
6. Dr. Lyde M. Alday-Magpantay, Rehabilitation Medicine, MAG Member
7. Dr. Arsenio Gomez, Emergency Medicine
8. Dr. Antonio Carlo Magnoo, Pediatrician
9. Dr. Marilyn Puyot, DPBEM,FPCEM, Emergency Physician
10. Dr. Maria Cristina Macalinao, Dentist, MAG Member
11. Dr. Lamcel Yraola, Opthalmologist
12. Mr. Andres Magalong, Psychologist, MAG Member
13. Ms. Mercidita De Joya, MAG Program Manager
14. Dr. Amarylis Ng-Abcede, MAG Program Manager
15. Mr. Edel Romnie Abat Parducho, Psychology graduate, MAG Program Staff Member
16. Ms. MaLaya Lara, Psychology graduate, MAG Program Staff Member

Special thanks to

Dr. Jo Pas for coordinating with LINGKOD (Lingap-Kapwa, Oplan Dalita, Inc.) and her support as MAG member.

To our Secretary Dr. Marie Therese Galang for sharing her expertise in medical disaster response, psychological support service and coordination among MAG members to join our relief mission.

To our MAG member Dr. Jack Medrana for coordinating with UNILAB Philippines for the continuous supply of medicines.

And to all who have expressed their sympathy and extended their support. We can't THANK YOU enough. Taus-pusong pasasalamat po! Mabuhay po kayo!
Medical Team #3 has safely reached Guiuan, Eastern Samar as of 2:23 P.M today. The van is banked in Barangay Poblacion where the current mission center is based. Our gratitude to Ms. Imelda Gagap for hosting our medical teams. All the medical teams are now in Manicani Island.

As of date, MAG already conducted medical missions in Victory Island and Hamorawon. Today, the teams targeted to conduct missions in San Jose and Banaag. Then tomorrow they are headed to Barangay Buenavista. They will head back to Poblacion on November 24th.

Our member-nurse, Evelyn Lo Castillo extended her help to deliver the medicines, clothes and relief goods to Giporlos, Eastern Samar tomorrow. Thank you to our two registered nurse-volunteers who will fly with Evelyn, Jay Boholst and Karen Molina.

Thank you UNILAB Philippines for donating additional medicines for Tubabao and Victory Islands through our member Dr. Jack Medrana. Mabuhay po kayo.

Update from Giporlos as of November 21, 1:00 P.M. Maraming salamat sa aming member-nurse na si Evelyn Lo Castillo:

Population: 12, 040

Affected families: 2,240

Casualty: 13

Needs: Food, Medicines, Milk for babies and elderly, Slippers, housing implements (galvanized sheets, nails, vulca seal, etc.), mosquito coils, containers for water and fuel

Health status: People suffering from diarrhea. NEED POTABLE WATER
Guiuan, Eastern Samar - There is good signal strength but with intermittent connectivity. Yesterday, Medical Team #2 (Dr. Leah C. Faderon-Fajutagana, Dr. Jaykee Rodriguez and Lucia Ventic) has reached Manicani Island safely and has coordinated with Medical Team #1 (Dr. Amy Abcede and Mercidita De Joya). Both teams are now en route to Victory Island to conduct medical mission to 155 households with 200 children and 200 adults.

Medical Team #3 (our staff members (psychology graduates) MaLaya Lara and Edel Romnie Abat Parducho) is now in Sorsogon securing additional supplies (fuel and rice).

Medical Team #4 of 7 doctors, 3 nurses and 1 dentist will fly to Tacloban via commercial flight (Cebu Pacific) on November 24th to continue our medical disaster response in Guiuan and start providing services in Giporlos, Eastern Samar in coordination with our member, Evelyn Lo Castillo.

We are also gathering psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers for the psychosocial intervention and we aim to put up child-friendly spaces in the mission areas.