MAG Medical Disaster Response Day 5

MAG Medical Disaster Response Day 5

Medical Team #2 has reached Tacloban and preparing for their boat trip to Guiuan. Meanwhile, Medical Team #1 awaits the arrival of Team #2 and has coordinated with US Marines an airlift for additional medical teams and equipment/goods.

Medical Team #3 will board an L-300 van carrying medicines and relief goods to Matnog to Samar to Guiuan via RORO.

Medical Team #4 is set to fly directly to Guiuan on November 24th via C-130. We expressed our warmest gratitude to MAG member-doctors and to the doctors who extended their support and services:

1. Dr. Lenin Pascual, General Surgeon, MAG Member
2. Dr. Lamcel Yroala, Opthalmologist
3. Dr. Lyde M. Alday-Magpantay, Rehabilitation Medicine, MAG Member
4. Dr. Nerissa Sabarre, Emergency Medicine 
5. Dr. Arsenio Gomez, Emergency Medicine
6. Dr. Antonio Carlo Magno, Pediatrician
7. Dr. Maria Cristina Macalinao, Dentist, MAG Member
8. Ms. Adelpha Sevandal Mabulay, RN, MAG Member

We call on nurses, psychologists and social workers who are willing to assist our doctors on November 24-27, 2013.