MAG Medical Disaster Response Day 6

Guiuan, Eastern Samar – There is good signal strength but with intermittent connectivity. Yesterday, Medical Team #2 (Dr. Leah C. Faderon-Fajutagana, Dr. Jaykee Rodriguez and Lucia Ventic) has reached Manicani Island safely and has coordinated with Medical Team #1 (Dr. Amy Abcede and Mercidita De Joya). Both teams are now en route to Victory Island to conduct medical mission to 155 households with 200 children and 200 adults.

Medical Team #3 (our staff members (psychology graduates) MaLaya Lara and Edel Romnie Abat Parducho) is now in Sorsogon securing additional supplies (fuel and rice).

Medical Team #4 of 7 doctors, 3 nurses and 1 dentist will fly to Tacloban via commercial flight (Cebu Pacific) on November 24th to continue our medical disaster response in Guiuan and start providing services in Giporlos, Eastern Samar in coordination with our member, Evelyn Lo Castillo.

We are also gathering psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers for the psychosocial intervention and we aim to put up child-friendly spaces in the mission areas.