Medical Alert for a Strong Arms Trade Treaty

  • April 20, 2012

December 9, 2011

Calling All Health Professionals!

Help Pass a Global Arms Trade Treaty to Save Lives, Protect Health

Hundreds of thousands of people are killed each year with firearms, with millions more maimed or traumatized. The cost of treating firearm injuries is a huge drain on health budgets and diverts monetary and human capital from other vital human needs. Yet there are currently no legally binding, global rules regulating the trade in conventional arms.The United Nations is currently negotiating a global Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) to prevent irresponsible arms trade. A strong and humanitarian-focused ATT would help save lives and promote health.

If you are a medical or public health professional we need you to add your health voice to our new Medical Alert on Armed Violencepetition to the United Nations to call for passage of a strong global Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). You can help.

Add your name to the petition supporting a strong and humanitarian-based ATT. A delegation of medical professionals will deliver the petition to the key negotiators at the UN during the ATT Negotiating Conference in July, 2012.


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